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Singaporeans disappointed by service staff

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Service staff in Singapore are not willing to go beyond what is expected of them, and are likely to be more accommodating towards tourists.

A survey by Gems Up found while 89% of tourists felt service staff either meet or go beyond expectations, only 44% of locals felt the same way.

There was also a disparity in the number of tourists and locals who felt the current service levels were “acceptable, above average or excellent” – 100% of tourists agreed compared to 81% of locals.

Additionally, 56% of locals feel the level of service here is below expectations, with only 11% of tourists feeling the same way.

Kevin Cheong, chairman of the Association of Singapore Attractions, told The Straits Times locals are more opinionated, especially on social media, when it comes to their service expectations.

“Singapore customers are more exposed, better travelled and thus, they tend to compare more,” he said, adding they also expect more as they are paying more.

However, while local customers believe they are receiving average service levels, managers and service staff themselves feel they are giving their best.

The survey found 94% of managers and 97% of service staff believe their level of service is at “acceptable, above average or excellent” standards.

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