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Singaporean kids want to be the boss

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Becoming the “boss” of an organisation has emerged as the most preferred career choice of Singaporean children.

In the annual Adecco survey of school children living in Singapore, 13% of children between the ages of seven and 14 said they wished to become bosses in the future.

The report stated the children were “clearly interested in the creating of new business ideas as well as running their own companies”.

Additionally, the monthly salary expectations of those surveyed ranged from S$50 to “more than 10 billion dollars”.

But the good news about the future generation is 73% of them prioritised “spending time with family” over making “lots of money”.

“Our youngsters are filled with enthusiasm, clearly having a keen interest in what goes on around them. They are interested in the news and it is heartening to know that our children are genuinely interested in giving back to society,” Femke Hellemons, country manager of Adecco Singapore, said.

“Their responses highlight the love they have for the country they live in and the people that they meet every day.”

Being a teacher was the second most popular career preference, followed by aspirations to become a superhero and doctor.

While being a teacher has always been, according to the survey, a favourite among children, being an actress or actor, animal trainer or pilot remain the “coolest” jobs this year.

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