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Singapore ties with Germany to become the world’s strongest passport

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According to a new release by the Passport Index, Singapore has tied with Germany as the world’s strongest passport with both countries having a visa-free score of 159.

While Singapore was previously second on the Global Passport Power Rank, this changed after Ukraine extended its visa-on-arrival travel to passport holders of Singapore for up to 15 days. This resulted in Singapore’s total visa-free score to 159 from 158, making the passport as powerful as Germany’s.

Singapore has the world's strongest passport

The Passport Index visa-free free score consists of a score for visa-free travel and a score for visa-on-arrival, with visa-free travel weighing more. Germany still holds first place on individual rankings, while Singapore (second on individual ranking) has a visa-free score of 122 and a visa-on-arrival score of 37.

With the power of global mobility, some of the visa-free destinations that Singapore passports can benefit from include China, Turkey, United Kingdom, amongst others; with visa-on-arrival to Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, and more.

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As for other Asian countries, Malaysia ranks 4th (together with Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, and more) with a visa-free score of 156 comprising 119 in visa-free and 37 in visa-on-arrival.

On the other hand, Hong Kong passports rank 17th on the list with a visa-free score of 141 comprising 108 in visa-free and 33 in visa-on-arrival.

Comparison chart

Top 10 strongest Asian passports and their global rankings

1. Singapore
Passport power rank: 1st

2. South Korea
Passport power rank: 3rd

3. Malaysia, Japan
Passport power rank: 4th

4. Hong Kong
Passport power rank: 17th

5. Israel
Passport power rank: 20th

6. Brunei
Passport power rank: 21st

7. United Arab Emirates
Passport power rank: 27th

8. Taiwan
Passport power rank: 31st

9. Macao
Passport power rank: 32nd

10. Russian Federation
Passport power rank: 41st

Lead Photo / Passport Index
Table / Passport Index 

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