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Why Singapore is still a great place to work

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Singapore’s recent dethroning of Tokyo to become the most expensive city in the world has sparked a variety of responses worldwide.

Theoretically, the title could harm Singapore’s reputation and discourage anyone who might be considering relocating and working here.

But interestingly, there has also been a sense of triumph and euphoria within every Singaporean or Singaporean resident who wiggles his finger and yells “I told you so!” to his peers.

In fact, those currently working in Singapore are well-accustomed to and bear these extravagant costs on a daily basis. Despite this, they continue working in the nation knowing that beneath it all, the value which Singapore provides through its corporate landscape is somehow worth it all.

For instance, one of the best things about working in Singapore is its velvety international environment. Leaders coming in from various places and backgrounds bring with them diverse skill sets which help in leading local organisations strategically. Talent pools are widening, and the impact of globalisation helps make the nation’s economic stance stronger.

Simultaneously, the presence of assorted working styles in Singapore offices encourages flexible thinking. People are more, if not totally, open to creative and unconventional ideas and ways of operating, which pays off in the long run.

It is right to say, however, that globalisation is a phenomenon occurring in every country today. What makes Singapore stand out from the rest is its attention to ensure the positive effects of globalisation translate into solid business policies for anyone wanting to work here.

For example, communication channels are optimally suited for such an environment. With English being the main business language, expats have almost no linguistic or communication problems when running businesses or even staying here.

Speaking of expats, Singapore has always been a favourite, despite having to pay $45 for a wine bottle. This is because the nation’s high standards of living contribute immensely to low rates of political instability, crime levels, and air pollution. And the presence of solid infrastructures definitely aids in making the corporate experience a pleasant one. So COE prices may be high, but you can’t forget the ride to work remains smooth, and well-ventilated office structures do greet you every morning!

The nation’s own talent pool remains competitive too, with local education systems being in hot demand by employers worldwide. Educated, committed employees in local workplaces motivate others too, and can contribute significantly to high levels of positivity in the corporate environment.

In essence, perhaps the greatest gift which Singapore provides to the corporate world is time. Singapore may be expensive, but its global outlook, solid infrastructures, and hardworking employees ensure decisions made are faster and processes are smoother, making the entire experience a worthwhile one.

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