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Silly things newcomers do in the office

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It is perfectly normal for one to feel nervous starting a new job.  To help newcomers fit in, it is common for the human resources department to arrange a buddy or assign a mentor to make the transition for the new joiner easier.

While assigning new colleagues a “friend” and setting up lunch meetings so they do not have to eat alone is a nice way to help them fit in, throughout the working day newcomers can still find themselves in some tough spots.

Here are some the silly things timid newcomers have done as listed on Heawork Tumblr. If you come by any of these, be a good colleague and help them out.

1. Hide when taking phone calls
New colleagues are usually hesitant to take private phone calls in the office. They will run into the conference room or the bathroom when they receive a call.

2.  Avoid taking the lift with colleagues
Newbies will wait outside the lift lobby if they see colleagues waiting for the lift. They would rather take the next lift than face the “awkward silence” moment with colleagues they barely know.

3. Awkward encounter with the boss during lunch
Running into the boss at the same restaurant during lunch can be stressful. New joiners are often too afraid to say hello, and feel like they must rush to return to the office before the boss.

4.  Do not dare leave on time
New joiners usually do not have much to do, yet they do not dare step out of the office until someone asks them to do so. They end up staying late with nothing to do.

5.  Worried about bringing home-made lunch
Some colleagues like to bring home-made lunch to take a break from socialising, but newbies are often worried they’ll be labelled as anti-social.

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