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Shame on you, boss!

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Local bosses may have one more thing to worry about, as employees identify them as the biggest cause of workplace stress.

A third of 150 local employees surveyed by VMware said their bosses were causing them the most grief at work, followed by the level of work expected from staff and being stifled by bureaucracy when wanting to make changes to benefit the company, AsiaOne reported

Employers may want to focus on remedying the situation, as a study conducted by the Australian National University late last year found the psychological effects of bad bosses can create an unhealthy working environment.

“This research adds to a growing body of research highlighting the need to address the psychosocial aspects of the work environment as part of national government plans to reduce mental illness in the community,” Peter Butterworth, the study’s author and an associate professor, told Daily Mail.

A separate survey by Kelly Services also found local employees graded their bosses 6.5 out of 10, indicating low levels of satisfaction within subordinates and their employees. Singapore also ranks behind India (7), Thailand (6.9), Indonesia (6.8), and Malaysia (6.7).

“Employees’ views of an organisation carry a lot of credibility and send a clear signal about how people are managed and the best places to work,” Melissa Norman, managing director for Kelly Services Singapore and Malaysia, said.

“They have a significant impact on the ability of a business to attract and retain talent.”

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