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Seaspan Corporation hires Tina Lai as chief human resources officer

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Seaspan Corporation announced in a press release Tuesday Tina Lai has been appointed to the newly-created position of chief human resources officer.

Lai will provide leadership in all aspects of Seaspan’s functions relating to human capital, including talent acquisition, communications, training and development and total performance rewards. This appointment is part of Seaspan’s commitment to invest in human capital for future growth and to further strengthen its leading position in the containership leasing industry.

Prior to joining Seaspan, Lai spent five years at Metrie, the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite moulding in North America. As vice president of human resources at Metrie, Lai was part of the senior leadership team that played a key role in building out the human resources function, which focused on bringing talent to the front and centre of the business strategy.

Lai has 20 years of experience as a results-oriented human resources professional. She has also served in leadership positions in a number of industries where she has had very broad oversight responsibilities including, oversight of sales and customer service, channel marketing, corporate communications, culture transformation and organisational effectiveness.

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