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‘Recruiter’ disappears with RM75,000

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Nearly 70 job seekers have been cheated out of their money after a ‘recruiter’ allegedly tricked them into using his services.

Around 67 people had lodged police report in Banting about a man posing as a recruiter, Malaysia Nanban reported.

One man, identified only as ‘Balu’, told the newspaper a man had approached him in April saying there were 37 vacancies for security guards at the National Security Council in Putrajaya and 32 vacancies in the Home Ministry.

He said the man asked each job seeker to pay between RM250 and RM300 as a service fee. He also allegedly asked those without an SPM pass to pay RM3,000.

Balu said the man collected all the money on April 18 and planned to hold a meeting with all the applicants, however he withdrew this on May 2 and promised to return the money.

However, the man seems to have disappeared and those who gave him money have all lodged police reports.

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