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The real price of not updating your PC

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Companies holding on to their old office computers are not saving on the cost they think they are.

In fact, more is lost due to lower productivity, security risks and repair costs.

The “Intel small business PC refresh” study conducted by Techaisle and commissioned by Intel Corp revealed small business workers lose more than a work week every year due to old computers.

The survey of 736 small businesses in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russia and the US revealed staff lost 21 more hours on average using computers more than four years old.

This is worrying as more than 36% of small businesses were keeping their computers for more than four years, significantly exceeding the recommended refresh duration.

According to the report, it is also more expensive to maintain an outdated machine than to purchase a new computer, as the old computeres were found to be one and a half times more likely to require repairs. Small business spent average of US$427 (S$531) on PCs which were more than four years old, the study revealed.

While 35% of small companies (those with 19 employees or less) were still using the Windows XP on their PCs, almost half (47%) of them were unaware Microsoft would cease support for that particular version from April next year.

“Upgrading to new PCs is one of the wisest choices a small business can make,” Rick Echevarria, vice president of PC client group and general manager of business client platform division at Intel, said.

“PCs are largely considered the foundation for many of these companies, and this study makes a clear cut case for refreshing them on a regular basis.”

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