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Police reserves entitled to paid leave

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Companies are legally obligated to allow their police volunteer reserves (PVRs) to go on paid leave when summoned for official duty.

State Deputy Police Commissioner SAC Datuk Law Hong Soon said at a dialogue session that PVRs’ employers would be officially informed of their staff’s duty requirements and are required to allow them to go on paid leave.

The Borneo Post reported the reason why some companies are not already offering paid leave to PVRs is because they may have misunderstood the regulations.

“You are entitled to have paid leave. Maybe your employer did not understand the situation. We will write to your employer,” Law said.

Law said he hopes there will be more collaboration between PVRs and the police department, as their positions have proven to be a successful way of deterring crime.

However, he added being a PVR does not immediately guarantee a spot in the police department.

“PVR is a platform for people to obtain experience in enforcement. It could be an added advantage when you are applying for a permanent post in the Police Department. However, you must fulfil the required criteria,” Law said.

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