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Pizza Hut apologises for “fat lady” remarks

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Pizza Hut has said they “deeply regret” an incident where a staff member scribbled a note on a customer’s receipt calling her a “pink fat lady” before handing it to her.

After a photo of the receipt, given to customer Aili Si, was posted to Pizza Hut’s official Facebook page, the image went viral.

She wrote to Pizza Hut Singapore on Facebook: “I don’t think it is nice for your staff to describe me as such on my receipt. As a customer I definitely hope to be treated with basic respect deserved by any others.”

Aili Si Pizza Hut receipt


The company responded the next morning: “This definitely rocked us in our seats. That should not have happened at all and we feel that we cannot begin to appropriately apologise to you at this point, but we are, indeed, sorry for this.”

Pizza Hut also posted an unconditional apology on its Facebook page:

Pizza Hut on Facebook


Aili Si has likely accepted Pizza Hut’s apology. She posted on her Facebook page on October 14, “Pizza Hut and I have come to a closure in regards to this incident.”

“Pizza Hut had apologised for their part, and I would not like to pursue this minor matter any further. I appreciate Pizza Hut’s effort in addressing this matter and handling it in the best possible way they can.”

She also called out to those who focused on the negative effects of obesity in their retort to her, “I sincerely request you to be sympathetic and to open your hearts and minds to what an obese individual may be facing that many may not be able to see on the surface.”

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