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This is why people love their jobs

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Meet the people who truly love their jobs.

On this Reddit thread, users started sharing what they do for a living and the reasons why they have stayed in that professions – and why they would recommend the same career path to others.

If you’re looking for a new direction, or just looking for a Friday pick-me-up, these real life stories should do the trick.

The piano player

“I play piano/sing in a piano bar five nights a week. Although there are some shitty nights spent dealing with drunk a******* or people who don’t tip, the majority of my time at work is spent making drunk people happy singing songs that they love.”

The certified sign language interpreter

“Decent salary, approx $40,000 a year, works an average 30 hours a week. Work is varied and interesting, I go home and sleep well knowing I’ve spent my day helping other understand the world around them. I don’t require much preparation, any equipment, and I don’t create any waste. I show up, use my hands, email the invoice, get paid. It’s nice……and I’ll never be RICH, but I’ve never lacked work.”

The dentist

“It’s not perfect but no job is perfect. Dental school is rough and expensive but there are incentive packages to help you pay for it. No mandatory multiple yrs of residency like medicine. No real emergencies, just call in a prescription to your local pharmacy. It’s also the perfect combination of art and science. Malpractice rates are more manageable compared to other areas of medicine.

“Dentistry is also very gratifying. You can treat toddlers to old grannies, each with their own unique needs. I’ve had grannies bake me pies and knit me blankets after I made them dentures and little kids happy that the tooth fairy will visit them later because I wiggled out a loose tooth for them.”

The business analyst

“Helping people use technology to make them more productive and more efficient at work is fun! One day I’ll be helping a factory manager understand how well their machines are performing, the next day I’ll be helping the marketing team understand how to best use twitter!

“There are boring bits (testing..), and difficult bits (a few of the people..) but if you love technology and love helping people.. it’s a pretty good life!”

The firefighter

“I was at a career crossroads at 27. I had studied, held some menial customer service jobs and was in a bit of a rut. A friend of mine mentioned that he was applying for our states fire service and I decided to give it a crack. 10,000 applicants applied for 140 jobs and I was lucky enough to be one of them. The pay is good but not great. The shift work is where it’s at.

“I work two 10 hour days, followed by two 14 hour nights and then have 4 days off. We also get about 6 weeks of annual leave a year. Additionally, if I want 12 days off, I can get other firefighters to work my shifts and then pay them back later. The job itself is awesome. You learn some great life skills. People are always genuinely happy to see you and every job is different. It can be quite dangerous but probably not as dangerous as most people think.

“Personal safety is paramount and we’re extremely conscious of protecting ourselves and each other. Very few people quit the service. When you join, you join for life and it’s that choice to stay a firefighter for life that reflects the awesomeness of this great career.”

The therapist

“I’m a therapist who works with children and teens in foster care. It’s exhausting, the gratification definitely isn’t instantaneous, and it doesn’t pay well, but I still feel fortunate to be able to do it.

“I find the work fascinating and challenging; there’s so much analyzing and problem-solving involved, and every situation is unique. I’m constantly learning new things about people, relationships, emotions, mental illness, etc. I think I could be in this field for 50 years and still learn something new every day.”

The translator

“It’s actually pretty sweet. It’s hard when you get started to get paid what you should (for reference – if it took you 3 hours to write 4,000 words, it will take me roughly 3x that to translate it) but the hours are flexible and you can make a good living working on your computer anywhere in the world.”

The pilot

“I actually love being a pilot. Yeah, you don’t make a lot in the beginning, but after a while you can make a great living. The job is fun, you get to travel for free, and you can have a lot of time off. (I’ve only been at an airline two years, but I had 18 days off last month).

“Plus, it’s completely reasonable that I will be at a higher-paying job soon, with mass mandatory retirements coming at all the major U.S. carriers. And if that doesn’t pan out, in a few years I can make a comfortable six figures where I’m at.”

Read the full Reddit thread here.

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