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Parti Sosialis Malaysia drives support for Employee Insurance Scheme

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Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has expressed its opposition towards Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF)’s objection to the Employee Insurance Scheme (EIS), as reported in Malaysia Outlook.

A supporter of the scheme, PSM noted that the scheme would function as a safety net for retrenched workers – similar to the way Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) operates in aiding workers who suffered from accidents.

PSM workers bureau coordinator M. Sivaranjani said: “EIS will act as a safety net for workers, especially if they were laid off from their jobs should their companies go bankrupt.”

“These laid off workers will have so many financial obligations including children’s education and servicing loans,” she further commented, noting that many would end up selling their homes and cars to meet their ends.

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However, the MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan has recently voiced out the federation’s objection to the plan – stating that it was not fair and would lead to increased costs.

Sivaranjani, expressing an opposing opinion, stressed how employers should realise that the scheme would benefit them in long run. She elaborated that the employer’s’ contributions for the scheme would not be a financial burden (to them),  especially since the employees too would be making their own contributions.

“Employers should realise that their investment returns would be protected and enhanced so long they take care of their workers,” she commented.

Adding on, she said: “No workers, no productivity, no profits – something that employers seem to always forget.”

As means to show their support for the EIS, Sivaranjani highlighted that PSM members would be distributing petition cards outside Parliament on on 29 March 2017.

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