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Ovolo lends support to help start-ups

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This article is brought to you by Ovolo.

The modern-day entrepreneur travels worldwide in search for the greenest pastures to build and grow their businesses. In that sense, they are like “nomads” – tribal people who, in the past, migrated across the lands in search of food and water.

Relocation plans for entrepreneurs can be a challenge even for well-established multinational corporations. Most companies have an entire division in the HR department dedicated to employees’ mobility.

For start-ups, with limited capital and unsteady funding, one can imagine the immense challenge they face while trying to kick-start their business on the other side of the globe.

Knowing the great difficulties faced by start-ups, Ovolo Hotels has stepped in to offer Mojo Nomad, a programme which offers global entrepreneurs an all-inclusive living and workspace environment.

The programme offers all-inclusive daily, weekly and monthly rental options for entrepreneurs to work, sleep and play at one central hotspot.

It is currently available at two of Ovolo’s properties at Hong Kong Ovolo Southside and NoHo.

The initiative was created by the hotel group’s CEO and founder Girish Jhunjhnuwala who sees the value in combining residence and workspace to help entrepreneurs succeed.

“When you think about the global success of some of the biggest brands in the last decade, what’s one thing most have in common? They were started in a college dorm or the family garage,” Jhunjhnuwala said.

“These environments, where one’s eating, sleeping and working aspects are taken care of by others, fuel entrepreneurism. It’s where my inspiration for Mojo Nomad began.”

Mojo Nomad welcomes entrepreneurs who are getting ready to launch their products.

Understanding the importance for start-ups to make use of their collaborative wisdom, Ovolo not only provides a comfortable living space, but it also offers spacious lounges where they can share, learn and collaborate on their start-ups.

“The Mojo Nomad programme has been well received by the entrepreneurs who’ve come through to date. Ovolo’s signature effortless living philosophy and offering of a well-connected workspace has become an asset to the Nomads who stay at a programme, particularly at Ovolo Southside in Hong Kong.

“Moving forward we will be launching a range of partnerships with other startup-related companies with services such as web or app design, accounting and even pitch development services to ensure every Nomad reaches their full potential with the programme,” Jhunjhnuwala said.

For more information about the Mojo Nomad initiative, please visit

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