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Skyscanner CEO for a day

An opportunity to be CEO for a day

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Having achieved a user base of about 40 million, Skyscanner has decided to reward CEO Gareth Williams’ hard work by giving him a day off, and opening his role up to the public for grabs.

“Skyscanner is forcing Gareth to take a well-earned break and is now recruiting for a replacement to run the billion-dollar company for the day,” stated the company’s release.

The (very) temporary CEO will tour the Edinburgh head office, meeting various teams, in this initiative that is open only to those in the UK with a “passion for travel”.

The interim CEO will take over responsibilities such as, providing insight into Skyscanner’s flights, hotels and car hire products; testing changes to the site and apps; media interviews; and reviewing the company strategy – in addition to “drawing weird doodles”.

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Besides the interesting work experience opportunity, the chosen applicant will be rewarded with a pay cheque worth£2,500 for their day’s work.

Spokesperson Mary Porter said, “At Skyscanner, we always say that our customers are at the heart of our business and this is our chance to prove it by bringing in one of them to take over as boss, providing us with the ultimate in user feedback. It’s a very exciting opportunity.”

What is your take on this campaign? Would you open your company up to an external CEO-for-a-day? Share your views with us below.

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