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Office workers use child as makeshift bowling ball

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In the category “What were they thinking?”, employees at financial services firm in the UK used a coworker’s child as a makeshift bowling ball during a slow Saturday at the office. A video obtained by The Sun shows the toddler in his pram being pushed toward a stack of empty water cooler bottles at high speed.

An employee at Financial Claims Company (FCC) came into the office on a Saturday, bringing with him his two-year-old son.

While it’s unclear from the video how the toddler responded to the situation, a former staff member who wasn’t present but saw the recording after it was shared with her, told The Sun: “The poor child must have been petrified. He was pushed really fast towards these bottles. Anything could have happened.”

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for FCC told Human Resources: “The incident with the child happened on a Saturday outside working hours. The child’s father was present, but we have spoken to everyone involved, told them we don’t condone such behaviour, and reminded them of their responsibilities.”

He added that as a contact centre business they are driven by the dedication and enthusiasm of their staff, and as such the company tries to encourage and foster a good working and social environment.

“Teams will sometimes play competitive games against each other and we actively encourage this in a spirit of camaraderie, but staff are well aware of the limits,” he said.

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