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NUS, NTU, SMU among top 50 in global MBA ranking

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Three Singaporean business schools – National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Nanyang Business School, and Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Lee Kong Chian School of Business – were ranked among the top 50 in the latest Financial Times’ (FT) global MBA ranking.

According to the ranking, NUS Business School leaped eight places, to 18 in this year’s ranking, up from 26th place last year. While NTU’s Nanyang Business School was ranked 22nd this year – up from 24th place in 2017; and SMU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business was the highest new entrant at 49.

Another school with a campus located in Singapore that made it to the top 50 was Insead which ranked 2nd this year – down one place from 2017.

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While the ranking was dominated by business schools from Europe and United States, FT noted that Asian schools also shone in the 2018 ranking, with 14 schools either based in Asia, or having campuses in Asia featured in the top 50.

Asian schools in the top 50 this year are:

2018 ranking: 2nd
2017 ranking: 1st
2016 ranking: 1st
Country: France / Singapore
Salary: US$177,157

2018 ranking: 8th
2017 ranking: 11th
2016 ranking: 17th
Country: China
Salary: US$162,858

HKUST Business School
2018 ranking: 14th
2017 ranking: 15th
2016 ranking: 14th
Country: Hong Kong (China)
Salary: US$158,119

National University of Singapore Business School
2018 ranking: 18th
2017 ranking: 26th
2016 ranking: 32nd
Country: Singapore
Salary: US$143,917

Nanyang Technological University’s Nanyang Business School
2018 ranking: 22nd
2017 ranking: 24th
2016 ranking: 29th
Country: Singapore
Salary: US$132,288

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Indian School of Business
2018 ranking: 28th
2017 ranking: 27th
2016 ranking: 29th
Country: India
Salary: US$148,974

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
2018 ranking: 31st
2017 ranking: 29th
2016 ranking: 24th
Country: India
Salary: US$175,801

University of Hong Kong
2018 ranking: 33rd
2017 ranking: 39th
2016 ranking: 44th
Country: Hong Kong (China)
Salary: US$128,245

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai
2018 ranking: 34th
2017 ranking: 34th
2016 ranking: 39th
Country: China
Salary: US$121,635

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
2018 ranking: 35th
2017 ranking: 49th
2016 ranking: 62nd
Country: India
Salary: US$166,651

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Renmin University of China School of Business
2018 ranking: 39th
2017 ranking: NA
2016 ranking: 43rd
Country: China
Salary: US$100,003

Fudan University School of Management
2018 ranking: 42nd
2017 ranking: NA
2016 ranking: 47th
Country: China
Salary: US$103,032

CUHK Business School
2018 ranking: 43rd
2017 ranking: 36th
2016 ranking: 26th
Country: Hong Kong (China)
Salary: US$122,866

Singapore Management University: Lee Kong Chian Business School
2018 ranking: 49th
2017 ranking: NA
2016 ranking: NA
Country: Singapore
Salary: US$112,173

The 2018 ranking is based on 20 different criteria with alumni responses informing eight criteria that together contribute 59% of its weight. Eleven criteria are calculated from school data, accounting for 31% of the ranking. While the remaining criterion, the research rank, counts for 10%. Alumni-informed criteria are based on the data collected by FT over three years.

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