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woman beaten by man

New recruit in Malaysia accuses boss of sexual harassment

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Less than a month into her new job, 28-year old Lee was allegedly sexually assaulted, beaten and electrocuted by her boss after being accused of stealing RM18,000.

According to reports by The Star Online and Malay Mail Online, Lee and two other female colleagues in their 20s endured 18 hours of abuse in their office/home in Fortune Avenue Condominium in Kepong on 8 May, 2016.

The employees were also allegedly forced to strip naked while their boss’ female partner took a nude video of them.

Lee said she had applied for the job together with her colleague Tan, 24, after coming across a job advertisement for web marketing administrations via a newspaper in April.

Both women went for the interview on 21 April, 2016 and was told by their boss that he ran a gambling website.

“We both started work and were given a monthly salary of RM2,400 each,” she said during a press conference yesterday, accompanied by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

“The employer also provided accommodation for Lee and Tan in an apartment in Kepong, where they also had to work to operate the website,” The Star Online wrote.

Lee said that on 7 May, 2016, she called her boss to ask him to deposit cash into the company account to pay the winners.

On 8th May, at about 3 a.m, her employer came to their office/home with his partner and six other men, along with the third victim identified as Lim, and accused the three employees of stealing RM18,000

“On entering our unit, he started questioning us about the money which he claimed was missing. We explained we never got involved in any cash transactions as all payments were made online. But he continued accusing us of stealing the money,” Lee told the Malay Mail Online.

Their boss and the men than allegedly started hitting them with an insecticide aerosol can and also used a taser gun on them.

“She said they were then forced to strip naked before a nude video of them was taken.

“The trauma, she claimed, did not end there. Lee was then blindfolded and taken by several of the men to another room where she was tied-up before she felt ‘something being shoved into my private parts’,” The Star Online wrote.

“Although I was blindfolded, I could hear them video recording us while they continued to beat us. He wanted us to confess we stole the money. We had no choice but to say yes as we could not bear the torture,” she told the Malay Mail Online.

Lee revealed that the employees were only released at night after they were forced to admit that they had taken the money and would return the amount in a year.

The boss also took their handphones and forced the employees to transfer whatever they had in their bank accounts to him – a total of RM1,000.

Lee said that the boss threatened them against reporting the matter to the police or he would circulate their nude pictures and video online and murder them and their families.

However, Lee, together with Tan, lodged a police report at the Kepong police station anyway.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy said police were investigating the matter.

ACP Munusamy said police were looking for a man and a woman, Nikkie Tan and Brenda Tan, to assist in investigations.

Chong advised other similar victims to not be afraid to come forward and lodge police reports.

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