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Why your new hires aren’t progressing

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Although some people mistakenly think their HR department does nothing but hiring new staff, it’s true that recruitment makes up a large part of the job description. While new tools offer new ways of reaching potential talent, a looming skill shortage makes the search more complex.

After having finally found, vetted, and hired what you think is the perfect candidate, it can be frustrating to watch them slowly wither away in the same position you brought them in for. As a seasoned professional, you picked a candidate with potential, someone who has the capacity to learn and develop within the company.

Your new hires could be long-term assets to the company. So why are they still stuck in their entry position?

Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace, suggests bosses might be to blame. In an article on Forbes, the career expert points out that while some managers do recognise a team member’s talent, they’d rather keep them on their team than help them advance.

To stop the managers in your company from holding back the talent you so carefully recruited, Ryan compiled a list of ten signs that could indicate they’re holding someone back. We’ve featured five of them below.

  • Team members are unaware of any advancement opportunities, because the manager doesn’t mention them.
  • Employees who try to show some initiative and ask to take on new challenges are shut down.
  • The manager tries to keep certain staff members ‘hidden’ from people who could help their career by teaching them new things.
  • Team members are kept in the dark about upcoming projects or plans, making it hard for them to contribute.
  • The manager shows no interest in what team members might want in their career.

With Millennials making up an increasing part of your workforce, and career development ranking high on their list of priorities, being held back at work could lead them to look for work elsewhere.

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