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Navigating the Asian talent landscape

"Informative, Interactive, Inspiring. The conference brings new ideas and insights about current issues in talent and HR management"
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As companies continue to search every corner of the earth for the best available talent, HR leaders face intense pressure to ensure their organisation remains attractive, fully optimised and competitive.

Making talent work for your business – whether locally, regionally or globally – is a challenge, and there’s no one-size-fits all talent framework.

At Talent Management 2014, some of the region’s biggest HR names will come together to talk about how they are navigating through their talent challenges.

Cliff Taylor, vice president of HR APAC at Mead Johnson Nutrition; Syed Ali Abbas, chief human resources officer at Pacnet, and Shahrukh Marfatia, vice president of HR global commercial at Shell Eastern Petroleum will share how they innovate to attract, and stay ahead of the competition.

“Developing your key people well – and then retaining them – is a massive competitive advantage if you can get the formula right,” says Rebecca Lewis, editor of Human Resources magazine, organiser of Talent Management 2014.

“Understanding Asia’a talent landscape is on everyone’s agenda right now, and I am so pleased we have such a distinguished and experienced panel of HR leaders to speak to us all about leveraging these talent and growth opportunities.”

Talent Management 2014 will be held from 17-19 March at InterContinental Hotel in Singapore.

To view the list of speakers and the event agenda, please visit


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