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MTUC embraces decision to freeze foreign worker intake

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The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) is welcoming the government’s decision to freeze the intake of foreign workers, according to reports from The Star Online.

“We see this development to be in line with the memorandum submitted by us last month to the Home Ministry and Human Resource Ministry. This decision should be enforced strictly and thoroughly to help reduce reliance and dependence on foreign workers,” said MTUC secretary-general N. Gopal Kishnam in a statement on 14 March 2016.

“We hoped the government will not change its stance in the future as we do not want a flip-flop in this issue instead we want the government to formulate a concrete policy on hiring foreign workers,” Kishnam added.

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Though the trade union welcomed the decision, “they were disappointed with the suggestion that employers who wanted to hire foreign workers to submit their applications to them, the Malaysian Employers Federation and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers,” wrote The Star Online.

The secretary-general added that the Home Ministry was responsible for a proposal that would flooding the country with foreign workers.

“What was mentioned by us is in the interest of the people, workers and the country,” he added.

MTUC also urged for the simplifying of the rehiring process and the fee involved in rehiring to allow employers looking for more workers and undocumented workers to come forward.

“We are willing to discuss with the Home Ministry or any other parties to find a solution to this issue.”

Urging employers not to rely on foreign workers and to find alternative ways, Kishnam said: “We should stop relying on foreign workers in the long run. We need a solid labour policy for Malaysia.”

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