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What your morning coffee says about you

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What does your brew say about you?

Employees from Merlo Coffee in Australia told they can discover a lot about their caffeine-loving customers by the type of coffee they order.

Which one are you?

Long black
A long black lover is all about “strength” and “stamina”. You’re busy and on-the-go, but you like to show off.

You probably had your first cappuccino in your mid-20s and you haven’t veered off course since. You don’t indulge as often as you should, but you’re also a bit of a child at heart (particularly if you like the chocolate sprinkles).

Cafe latte
Latte drinkers are “softer” and “romantic” types. They also tend to be the people who stay back at work without ever complaining. Caffe latte drinkers are “pretty nice people” overall. Good for you.

Flat white
No fuss, no messing around – you’re straight-up. But sometimes, you can lack some imagination. Flat white lovers are generally traditionalists who probably still hold onto their Nokia, even though they don’t need it anymore.

Short black
You order this authentic espresso because you take yourself and life very seriously. You’re busy – you don’t have time for the fuss of milk or chocolate dusting. You want coffee and you want it NOW. This is also how you operate at work, and it can be annoying.

If you drink a ‘mac’ you’re probably a young professional who wants to work hard and play hard – most likely doing both until you burn out. This is the ‘cool kids’ coffee. If you’re a Gen Y employee trying to make your mark, this is what you order.

Hot Chocolate
Hot choccie drinkers give others trust issues – are you pretending you have coffee in that cup to fit in with the crowd?

Chai Latte
You are one chilled out person. You love a chai latte because even though you’re on your way to work in the middle of the city, you want to feel like you might have just done yoga in the woods or gone surfing.

Tea drinkers are “wholesome and deep-thinkers”. They turn their noses up at fancy, new flavours of tea (they also tend to be traditionalists) and are the sorts of people who wake up early to read books and sip their tea like a civilized individual.

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