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MOM efforts in 3Ps

MOM’s 3 steps to a Singaporean core – protection, progression, pride

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Following Singapore President Tony Tan’s address in Parliament, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) stressed on the mandate of helping Singaporeans take on good jobs, build fulfilling careers, get sustained increases in real incomes and have a more secure retirement.

In an addendum to the President’s address, the MOM stated it will work closely with government agencies and tripartite partners to strengthen the Singaporean core and ensure they have fair opportunities for leadership development.

This strategy will be driven by the three Ps – Protection, Progression, and Pride.

Under Protection, MOM has enhanced the Employment Act to protect more workers and extended the Industrial Relations Act to cover more Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs).

Alongside, it pointed to the raising of the re-employment age from 65 to 67 by 2017, along with expanding the suite of dispute management services for workers and employers.

For Progression, MOM referred to the ongoing development of the Sectoral Manpower Plans by the tripartite partners (see the hospitality and retail sectoral plans here), to help create diverse career pathways for Singaporeans, paying special attention to older and lower-wage workers.

For the element of Pride, the Ministry will work with its tripartite partners to promote progressive HR practices, invest in human capital and create workplaces where workers in all jobs are respected.

Steps to strengthen the Singaporean core

  • Speed up economic restructuring efforts and create higher-quality jobs.
  • Companies need to embrace productivity and innovation, and reduce reliance on low-skilled foreign manpower.
  • MOM will help companies become more manpower-lean, by re-designing jobs, processes and workplaces, to tap on the experience of all workers, especially mature workers.

Steps to create fair opportunities for leadership growth

  • MOM will help Singaporeans, especially those in mid-careers, to remain employable, by enhancing employment support, and minimising potential jobs-skills mismatch.
  • Will ensure that Singaporean workers are fairly considered by employers when hiring.

Steps to enable retirement adequacy

  • Continue to enhance the flexibility and adequacy of the CPF system while ensuring its long-term sustainability.
  • Work towards the smooth implementation of the recommendations from the CPF Advisory Panel.
  • Implemented the Silver Support Scheme to provide quarterly cash supplements for elderly Singaporeans.

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