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MOM could extend mediation framework to help more workers

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The Ministry of Manpower “fully supports” a movement to extend mediation services to more workers in Singapore, regardless of their job and salary.

This is according to a speech made by Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin at the annual May Day Dinner 2014 this week.

The Tripartite Mediation Framework (TMF) is currently in place to help professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) settle workplace disputes over contracts, salaries and other grievances with their employers. However, it is only available to those earning up to $4,500 per month.

In his speech, Tan said strong tripartism and harmonious industry relations have been “the bedrock of our success” in Singapore, which will be even more important as the country moves ahead in its restructuring process.

He mentioned the NTUC has been requesting the government further strengthen the support given by this framework in a sustainable way to deal with workplace disputes.

“I fully support this. The partners are considering widening the coverage of the TMF, such as extending to rank and file workers and removing the $4,500 salary cap for managers and executives, and allowing more PMEs other than those with substantial managerial responsibilities, to make use of the TMF to resolve their workplace-related disputes,” he said.

“I understand that they are also considering expanding the already substantive list of issues that can heard through the TMF, such as issues relating to salary payment, breach of employment contracts and payment of retrenchment benefits.”

MOM will announced more details when the review of the TMF is complete, he said.

“Sometimes, there will be tensions when we have differences in views and opinions. But as long as we share a ‘win-win’ mindset and stand guided by our common conviction of creating a better future for Singapore, I know that we can succeed.”

In other new, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced Tan will be promoted to a full minister from May 1 this year. Currently the Acting Minister for Manpower, he will become the Manpower Minister.

The Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Lawrence Wong, will also become a full minister.

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