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How men and women view success

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Despite both genders highly valuing work life-balance, working women have a surprisingly different view on what success means than men.

When asked for their definition of “having it all”, 79% of men said this meant being in a “strong, loving marriage”, while only 66% of women shared the same sentiment.

This survey, titled the 2013 Today’s Professional Women Report and compiled by LinkedIn and Citi, found 86% of men factored children into their definition of success, as compared with 73% of women

“What really surprised us in the results of the study is that men don’t see money as the source of having it all – they actually place the highest value on family,” Jacky Carter, LinkedIn community manager for connect: Professional Women’s Network, said.

In fact, the number of women disassociating marriage and relationships with their definition of success has nearly doubled from 5% to 9% this year.

The study also revealed women are more likely than men to be in a different career from what they initially planned after graduating (45% vs 36%), and women are actually more stressed about finances and money than men.

However, more than half of professionals surveyed in total (58%) said pursuing your passion is more important than financial security.

Additionally, both genders agreed they have more stress at work than at home, but women, on average, experience more stress in both settings than men.

An almost equal number of men and women (47% women vs 48% men) also agreed they have achieved their personal goals.

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