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Malaysians prioritise money

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Malaysian employees have identified salary as the most important factor in their career, ahead of advancement opportunities and challenging work.

More than a quarter (26.5%) of 3,194 Klang Valley employees surveyed by JobsCentral reported salary to be the biggest determinant of job satisfaction, followed by career advancement opportunities and intellectually-stimulating work (both 12.7%).

However, there may be a disparity between the number of workers who rank salary as the most important factor and those who are actually satisfied with their current compensation package.

According to the survey, respondents gave salary satisfaction a score of 5.81 out of 11, ranking it as one of the lowest on the list, The Star reported.

The survey also found older workers are the most satisfied with their jobs, while younger employees were driven by purpose in their careers.

“Having your role aligned to your personal purpose is very important. If the organisational purpose is a powerful, noble purpose, you will also get significant satisfaction and feel a sense of satisfaction personally,” Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics, said.

Companies these days are still trying to find the balance between providing competitive salaries and high job satisfaction levels.

“This is difficult to do. However, the trend today is for companies to try to offer more benefits to employees in order for them to enjoy more job satisfaction,” Heera Singh, principal consultant at Heera Training and Management Consultancy, said.

“They cannot offer too high salaries but do try to make the work environment a little better.”

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