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Majority of Malaysians suffer from work-related stress

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A majority of Malaysians are suffering from more stress-related illnesses due to problems at work.

A recent survey by Regus found 70% of Malaysian employees were afflicted with diseases which stemmed from rising stress levels at work.

In addition, 33% of respondents were worried about losing their jobs and 53% of respondents reported their family and friends have noticed they are stressed by work.

The survey cited difficult economic times in the West and an unprecedented rate of growth in emerging economies as factors which play significant roles in forming these high levels of stress.

“It’s not surprising that work-related worries and the sleepless nights they cause, are taking their toll on employees’ personal lives. More importantly still, their health is at stake as stress is a known catalyst for a number of serious illnesses,” John Henderson, regional director of Regus APAC, said.

“Proactive businesses that address stress in their workforce are likely to end up with a healthier workforce and reduced absenteeism.”

The report suggested encouraging flexible working arrangements to address the dwindling levels of well-being amongst local employees.

With 77% of respondents identifying flexible working as critical to help ease work stress, an alteration in business management practices was recommended by the survey.

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