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LOOK: The real cost of workplace unhappiness

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According to an infographic put together by, companies globally are losing up to US$550 billion as a result of disengaged employees.

The report also found that over the years, engagement levels have fluctuated and is currently at its lowest since 2006, where it stood at 20%. Between 2010 and 2011, the figure remained at 19%, but dipped to 18% last year.

But all hope is not yet lost.

According to the infographic, one way companies can engage staff is through instilling trust – a very important factor to keep in mind, considering 48% of respondents indicated a loss of trust in their employer led to their resignation.

Companies should also aim to reduce conflict in the workplace by understanding team members’ personalities, and also increasing collaborative efforts. In fact, only a quarter of respondents said they have been involved with helping their employers make important decisions.


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