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Rich Silverstein, co-founder of advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, is looking for a personal assistant – and he isn’t settling for just anyone.

“Have you ever looked greatness in the eyes – and cried because it was so damn beautiful it hurt your feelings?,” asks the hilarious ad, which was posted on Craigslist.

“If not, you should really get to know Rich Silverstein.”


However, that’s not the best of it.

Interested candidates who head over to are ‘tested’ on skills such as organisation and taking messages.

SabrinaZolkifi_Sep2013_work4rich7 SabrinaZolkifi_Sep2013_work4rich8 SabrinaZolkifi_Sep2013_work4rich6 SabrinaZolkifi_Sep2013_work4rich5

Potential assistants are then asked to tweet an elevator pitch, and the replies are as witty as they are absurd.

SabrinaZolkifi_Sep2013_work4rich2 SabrinaZolkifi_Sep2013_work4rich1

But the ad warned Silverstein, one of the men responsible for the famous “Got Milk?” campaigns, won’t be recruiting “a kill joy”.

“The only person allowed to kill joy around here is Rich,” it added.


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