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LOOK Bored office workers use Post-its to communicate

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Forget smartphones, email and Whatsapp – the newest, coolest way to communicate is via the humble Post-it.

The trend, which started in San Francisco, begun via a friendly war between employees in two office blocks who used Post-its to write messages to each other by sticking them on their windows.

They began by playing hangman, but this soon escalated into various messages like “Get back to work” and “hire us!”

Now, the trend has taken a life of its own, even garnering it’s own Twitter following via #sfpostit

Eventually someone put them all together on a Tumblr, so you can see all the fun from the start.

Even companies are getting in on the trend, putting up their slogan, logo or another message using Post-its. Check out all the fun!

RebeccaLewis_April2014_post-it5 RebeccaLewis_April2014_post-it4 RebeccaLewis_April2014_post-it3 RebeccaLewis_April2014_post-it2 RebeccaLewis_April2014_post-it1


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