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Local organisations need to work on better engaging their employees if they want to continue retaining and attracting top talent.

According to the Forrsights Workforce Employee Q4 2013 Survey from Forrester Research, only 17% of Singaporean information workers surveyed view themselves as “engaged employees”.

This percentage was the second lowest in the region, followed only by Japan at 10%.

India was ranked as having the highest percentage of engaged employees in the region at 42%, while the regional average was 29%.

The report defined “engaged employees” as “information workers who are likely to stay at their company for the foreseeable future, recommend their company’s products to friends/family members and would recommend a job at their company to a friend/family member.”

In addition, the report found just 26% of local information workers feel they are recognised for the effort they put in, compared to 52% in China and 61% in India.

Close to three in 10 (32%) Singaporean information workers also claimed their bosses support them if they find better ways to do their jobs.

The survey was conducted with 3,066 Asia Pacific information workers in total.

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