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More locals employed in 2013

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Last year was a good year for local workers as there was a rise in employment levels for Singaporeans.

This was one of the key findings from the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Employment Situation 2013 report.

For the whole of last year, total employment was estimated to have increased by 134,900 over the year, higher than 129,100 in 2012.

“Higher employment growth over the year was mainly driven by locals, as pace of growth in foreign workforce continued to slow amid foreign manpower tightening measures,” the report said.

“Local employment growth during the year (81,600) was higher than 2012 (58,700) and 2011 (37,900), while growth in foreigners slowed to 53,300 from 70,400 in 2012”.

Additionally, the report highlighted in December 2013, locals accounted for 66.2% of persons employed in Singapore (excluding foreign domestic workers), with foreigners forming 33.8%.

The last quarter of the year also saw an elevation in employment levels by 39,200, as compared to the previous quarter (33,100). The rise was likely driven by an increase in hiring for year-end festivities.

The bulk of employment gains, or 92,900 jobs, occurred in services, followed by construction (35,500) and manufacturing (5,000).

Amid the tight labour market, the report also found income growth strengthening in 2013.

“The nominal median monthly income from work of full-time employed citizens (including employer CPF contributions) increased over the year by 7.1% to $3,480 in June 2013, up from gains of 5.8% in the preceding year,” the report said.

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