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Are local female employees still at a disadvantage?

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More than half (52%) of 100 HR managers in Singapore believe women are at a disadvantage when it comes to career progression opportunities.

The report by Robert Half also found women working in larger organisations stand a better chance at advancing their careers at the same rate as their male colleagues.

More than half (59%) of HR managers in small firms with 49 employees or less believe women are not advancing their careers on par with men, compared to 39% of those in larger firms (500+ employees) and 43% of managers in medium-sized firms (50-499 employees).

Stella Tang, director of Robert Half Singapore, said one of the reasons women having better opportunities at further at careers in larger firms was because “there are more senior positions for them to aspire to”.

She added companies should look at ways to provide flexible-working arrangements “in order to keep talented women in the workforce”.

“Whether we like it or not, the primary parental role still falls heavily upon women,” Tang said.

According to the report, 50% of local respondents said the lack of work life balance and ability to manage parental duties were the biggest obstacles standing in the way of women moving up in the organisation.

This was followed by societal perceptions of women (44%), lack of promotional opportunities for women (35%), and female employees not volunteering for projects or lacking in confidence (31%).

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