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Local engagement levels drop

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A new survey of Singaporean employees has revealed a startling dip in engagement and confidence.

According to new data by Sirota, confidence levels of about 5,000 local employees dipped to the lowest since 2009, dropping 10 points to 70 in 2013.

“After years of improvement, our data continues to show how sensitive Singapore can be to the fast paced global economy,” Lewis Garrad, managing director of Sirota Asia Pacific, said.

Singaporean employees also reported lower levels of motivations and job satisfaction compared to last year, with sharp drops seen when asked about learning and growth opportunities.

There was also a decline in confidence levels when respondents were asked about senior management ability to give employees a clear picture of the company’s direction.

“The increased availability of cloud based computing solutions an improvements in consumer technology such as smart phones mean employees see an gap between their ‘at home’ and ‘at work’ experience.

“Substantial declines in attitudes towards tools and resources at work have a knock on effect on confidence and then, on engagement.”

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