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Local and international employers Singaporeans want to work for

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Following’s survey on the top 10 companies in Malaysia, the online job board announced the top companies Singaporeans aspire to work for, during its annual Top Companies Award ceremony, held on Tuesday (May 23), attended by Human Resources.

In addition to rewarding international firms, a new category, Top Five Local Companies, made its debut, honouring home-grown firms the local talent pool are most attracted to work for. In an interview with Human Resources, Chew Siew Mee, country sales manager for Singapore shared: “Singaporean employees are not separating local companies from their international counterparts. They look out for employers who can provide them with a level playing field, as well as cater to their key job priorities.”

Top 10 companies according to Singaporeans:

1) Google
2) Facebook
3) Apple
4) Singapore Airlines
5) Microsoft
6) Shell
7) Changi Airport Group
8) ExxonMobil
9) Procter & Gamble | DBS Bank
10) IBM

Top 5 local companies highly desired by Singaporeans:

1) Singapore Airlines
2) Changi Airport Group
3) DBS Bank
4) CapitaLand
5) Singapore Technologies Engineering

jobstreet photo

From front left: Shell, Procter & Gamble, Changi Airport Group, Chew Siew Mee (’s country sales manager of Singapore), DBS Bank, CapitaLand. From back left: ExxonMobil, Facebook, ST Engineering, Singapore Airlines.

The top five career priorities in order of ranking are: opportunities for career development tied with salary, calibre of management and leadership team, work environment and culture, training and development opportunities, and having a harmonious working relationship.

Chew pointed out that candidates are looking beyond a job that solely offers them a good salary, as evidenced by their key career priorities. “Today employees do not just stop at finding a job; they want to find a job that makes them happy,” she said.

“Our local employees are well educated and discerning, and they want to ensure that as they chart new life milestones, their careers advance as well,” added the company in a media release.

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