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Late interviewee ‘attacks’ MTR staff

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More than 5 million people travel on Hong Kong’s MTR everyday, making it the most popular form of transport in the city. But it also means a breakdown of the MTR will result in serious consequences since so many people rely on it.

Most employers would not penalise employees should the MTR break down, but how about people who are on their way to a job interview?

In a viral video shared on the internet, a man who is on his way to a job interview was caught on camera making a scene because the train was delayed.

The video was filmed at Yuen Long station, and in it a man in a blue shirt can be seen pointing his finger at an MTR staff member as he yells at him: “This is trash! How come the train broke down because of a key? Your system is rubbish!”

According to the video, the train was unable to leave the station because someone’s key prevented the train doors from closing properly.

The man pokes his finger at the MTR staff member, forcing him to move back until he is almost at the edge of the platform.

The staff member tries to calm him down but without success. “Sir please calm down. There is no need to get physical,” the MTR staff member can be heard saying.

In response, the man yells “How can I stay calm? I have got an interview at 3pm! An interview! What do you mean by getting physical? If I were physical you would be lying on the floor right now!”

The MTR staff member tries to offer the man a letter to explain to his interviewer that a train has delayed his travel plans, but gets rejected.

“There is no use. You are wasting my time. I will definitely file a complaint against you!” the man replies.

The man finally leaves the MTR staff member alone when he hears an announcement that the next train will be entering the station.

People around the internet condemned the rude behaviour of the man and praised the MTR staff member for remaining calm and professional throughout the incident.

The man might be regretting his behaviour now that the video has gone viral. Whether he made it to the interview on time is not important. There is a little chance of any employer hiring a bully who takes out his frustration on others.

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