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Last week’s most awful employees

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Some days, you appreciate the people you work with and are grateful for their talent. Other days, you have a look around the office and wonder why it is that HR professionals love their jobs so much.

But the next time you feel like firing that team member who won’t stop correcting people’s grammar, take a moment to consider that it could always be worse, and be grateful that none of your employees have ever done this:

1. Paid a colleague to murder their spouse

A woman from Cape Town, South Africa, clearly did not leave her personal life at the door when she came into work. Not only did she break the law, she tried to drag down a colleague with her.

The 34-year old allegedly paid one of her team members ZAR200,000 (HK$111,416) to murder her husband, Eyewitness News reports. She was arrested during a sting operation conducted by the police following a tip-off and is being charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

2. Insulted the police

An employee at a barbecue restaurant near Houston, Texas, has lost his job over a song. His boss failed to appreciate his taste in music when he played and sang along with an anti-police song while officers were eating in the restaurant.

According to the NY Daily News, the employee in question purposefully blasted the N.W.A. song “F**k tha Police” from the kitchen, and proceeded to laugh at one of the police officers when he noticed him singing along with it.

The song choice not only cost the employee his job, but may have also cost the restaurant some customers. After the police officer wrote about the incident on Facebook, at least one customer vowed to never set foot in the restaurant again.

3. Being detained for gambling crimes

Staff members from Crown Resorts have been detained in China on alleged gambling-related offences. The 18 sales and marketing executives face up to 10 years in prison, ABC reports. What the employees actually did to get themselves arrested remains unclear, since China’s Foreign Ministry would only say they’re being detained for “gambling crimes”.

According to the ABC, it’s understood the arrests relate to soliciting Chinese high rollers to gamble in overseas casinos, something that is strictly against the law, since gaming companies are not allowed to explicitly advertise gambling in China.

Reuters reported it was possible that Crown had misread exactly how strict China would enforce the no-advertising rule, leading to the arrests of its employees. In that case, perhaps this is more a case of the most terrible employer of the week.

4. Cancelled a customer’s trip out of spite

One Expedia employee decided to do the exact opposite to what’s in his job description. Instead of helping people book their travel, he cancelled a customer’s trip without warning or her consent.

According to the Daily Mail, the customer in question had booked a family trip with Expedia and called to complain about being charged travel insurance for her eight-month-old baby, since he did not need a plane ticket. After a bad experience with the customer service agent, she completed a survey indicating that she didn’t find the call helpful.

Apparently unable to deal with negative feedback, the Expedia employee cancelled the customer’s trip and left a message on her Expedia account stating: “F**k You!”.

When calling customer services to rectify the situation, she was told she was to blame and that booking another flight would cost a US$200 fee, indicating there might be more than just one awful employee on the Expedia team.

5. Scared a colleague half to death

A Cardiff mechanic has taken office pranks to a whole new level. After his apprentice bought an air horn to prank his colleagues in the sales department, the mechanic proceeded to use the device to scare the living daylight out of him whenever he gets a chance.

“I’ll be working through the day and randomly the horn will go off – like a normal person I jump a mile when I hear a loud noise”, the apprentice told the Mirror. He added that he doesn’t really mind as it’s just a joke, and that he fully intends to get his colleague back.

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