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Which job pays Singaporeans more than anywhere else in the world?

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As one of the most respected professions in the country, teachers here are found to be paid the highest salaries in the world.

According to the 2013 Global Teacher Status Index by Varkey Gems Foundation, Singaporean teachers are being paid an average of US$45,755 (S$57,072) annually – the highest among the 21 countries surveyed.

Countries such as the United States (US$44,917), South Korea (US$43,874) and Japan (US$43,775), were a few of the other top earners.

The survey found an overwhelming 95% of countries perceived their teachers to be “paid a wage in excess of the actual wage the thought they received”.

However, the report added Singaporeans, similar to citizens from South Korea, Japan, Israel and the US, expected their teachers to earn less than they thought.

Locally, Singaporeans believe the fair wage for teachers should be below what it currently is, by as much as 14%.

But those sentiments did not stop Singapore from coming in seventh place globally, with a score of 46.3 in this year’s Teachers Status Index, which took into consideration several components such as teachers’ status, perception of teachers’ rewards, and the Programme for International Student Assessment ranking.

Singaporean teachers also ranked the country’s education system highly, placing it third highest, scoring 6.7 out of 10.

Additionally, only a small percentage in Singapore believe children do not respect their teachers, the second lowest in the world, and only 20% of teachers would not encourage their own children to follow in their footsteps.

Globally, China took the first place on the index rankings, with a perfect score of 100, followed by Greece (73.7%), Turkey (68%), South Korea (62%) and New Zealand (54%).

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