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How does your job impact your child’s intelligence?

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If you are an information and communications technology (ICT) professional, chances are your children are among the country’s smartest.

According to a study by OECD which calculated the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) score of 5,546 Singaporean children, those whose parents work as ICT professionals fared the best in science, math and reading.

Those children scored 608.72 in science, 629.46 in math, and 601.96 in reading out of a 1,000 point scale, higher than the national average of 551.49, 573.47 and 542.22, respectively.

The children of production and specialised services managers, as well as chief executives and senior professionals also fared well on the report.

Science (top three parents’ professions)

ICT: 608.72
Production and specialised services: 606.72
CEO and senior professionals: 602.75

National average: 551.49

Reading (top three parents’ professions)

CEO and senior professionals:
Production and specialised services:

National average:

Math (top three parents’ professions)

Production and specialised services:
CEO and senior professionals:

National average: 573.47

In general, children whose parents work in business and administration, teaching, and legal, social and cultural, and science and engineering professionals scored highly on the scale across all three areas.

On the other hand, children with parents working in elementary occupations such as cleaners and helpers, food preparation assistants, and labourers fell in the bottom percentile.

To find out the correlation between your profession and your child’s performance in science, reading and math, click here.

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