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Infographic: How to boost participation in wellness programmes

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Having a wellness programme is more important than ever. Your employees want it, and you know the great things it can do for morale, productivity and engagement in the office.

But there’s just one little problem: employees aren’t participating.

You’re not alone. In fact, the biggest problem facing employee wellness programmes is lack of participation, say 52% of employers surveyed by Limeade.

So, how can you overcome the challenge of participation? We’ve got some ideas in the infographic below.

Some highlights include:

  • One in three employers (33%) use gamification in their wellness programmes, while 46% use a wearable device.
  • Close to half (45%) of employers say friendly competition between peers is one of the most effective ways to drive participation.
  • A points-based system for tracking wellness is used by 43% of companies surveyed.
  • For successful participation in the programme, close to two in three companies (65%) say incentives are important – with 46% offering cash, and a similar number giving away gift cards.

Check out the infographic below to see how to play the wellness game and win better participation.



How do you get employees excited about wellness? Share in the comments below.

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