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TinyHr report on happy industries

The industries with the happiest employees

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All industries are not created equal, but the factors that make for happy employees across sectors remain uniform.

In new research by TinyHR, featuring views of over 30,000 respondents across 500 companies, employees in the construction and facilities services sector emerged as the happiest group of employees around.

Those working in consumer products and services featured second, while third spot in employee happiness was taken up by those in the technology and software sector.

While this study focused on respondents globally, the factors that drove employee happiness are likely to resonate closer home.

For instance, one-third of those surveyed said their workplace happiness was driven by their peers and colleagues. Another one-fifth said that the nature of the job and its prospects matter to them, as their happiness stemmed from being energised by their daily responsibilities.

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On the other hand, the biggest driver of dissatisfaction, landing the manufacturing industry in last spot, was having unsupportive managers. A lack of tools and resources to complete the job as well as little opportunity for professional growth were also bringing respondents down.

These emerged as the 10 happiest industries in the rankings:

1. Construction and facilities services

2. Consumer products and services

3. Technology and software

4. Telecom, energy and utilities

5. Healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech

6. Hospitality

7. Media and entertainment

8. Finance and insurance

9. Education

10. Business services and consulting

Tiny HR report

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