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Indian high commission statement to Malaysia

Indian High Commission appeals for workers’ safety in Malaysia

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The Indian High Commission in Malaysia has urged Malaysian employers to ensure the “safety, security, and well-being” of Indian labourers, in response to complaints received about their treatment by local employers.

In a statement, it clarifies that while the High Commission has been working with the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources to curb worker abuse, it continues to receive information of cases of physical abuse and ill-treatment of Indian manpower in Malaysia. 

“The Indian High Commission has decided that in cases where there is an evidence of abuse and ill-treatment, the employers responsible will be withdrawn the privileges which the Indian Government has extended to them, like PIO card, visas etc,” it said.

“We appeal to all employers to kindly cooperate with the Indian High Commission in ensuring the safety, security and well-being of all the Indian labourers employed by them in Malaysia.” 

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