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Indian flag thumbs up to show Indian firms shine in corporate governance

Indian firms shine in corporate governance

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It might come as no surprise that India is one of the top countries in the world for attracting the most attention from job seekers worldwide.

According to a new study, this could be because firms in India follow ethical practices, and are led by strategies which are targeted at the growth of the business.

In a bid to measure and assess the management capabilities of professionals across sectors, a report by the Management Capability Index (MCI) – and KPMG and the All India Management Association (AIMA) – compared organisations against 10 drivers of management capability, which included visionary and strategic leadership, performance leadership, people leadership, financial management among others.

The survey polled over 500 senior leaders across India and asked them to rate the questions for all given dimensions on scale ranging from 0 to 5.

Firms in India scored highest in integrity and corporate governance, with a score of 4.2. They also scored a high 4.0 in terms of providing visionary and strategic leadership.

Two of out every three leaders surveyed also stated their organisations were spending time and effort in the articulation and development of their strategy and vision.

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“Indian leaders scored highly on corporate governance and integrity,” Preetha Reddy, president, AIMA, said. “The findings of the report recommend that several Indian firms need to invest much more into building stronger external relationships, and also that the application of technology and knowledge management need greater attention to improve performance.”

Indeed, firms scored the lowest (2.6) in terms of developing external relationships, and also with regards to the application of technology and knowledge (3.1).

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