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Why I’m unplugging

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It is no secret I am highly dependent on the internet in nearly every aspect of my life.

So when my managing editor suggested I unplug from the internet for a day as an experiment, I will admit I was hesitant.

The aim of the experiment is to see if people can survive without the internet in an every day working world. This is by no means a complete list, but by unplugging, I will effectively not have:

– Access to social media
– Access to my email (please expect a delay in responses)
– Access to WhatsApp
– Access to information I don’t already have on hand right now

In preparation, I have written down an extensive list of things to do tomorrow which I hope will keep me occupied and distracted. It’s also going to be tough seeing as tomorrow’s Friday, and let’s be honest, I spend a lot of time on Fridays on the internet.

(I also posted on Facebook that I will be internet-free tomorrow, though none of my friends seem particularly convinced or supportive. Thanks, guys.)

Check back on Monday to see how I fared, and maybe I’ll have a couple of pointers for some of you planning to take a break from the virtual world as well.

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