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I’m better than my boss

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IT professionals feel their bosses are not performing up to their expectations, with a majority of them believing they could do a better job at being the boss.

According to a recent study by TEKsystems, which surveyed 900 IT professionals from companies of all sizes, more than half (54%) of respondents felt they were more competent than their bosses in keys areas of creativity, intelligence, reliability, and handling HR.

While almost all (98%) IT professionals rated themselves as “excellent” or “good”, only 69% of them rated their bosses the same way.

Additionally, only 63% of respondents viewed their bosses to be intelligent compared to themselves (90%). They also saw themselves as more reliable (98%) than their bosses (80%).

When it came to handling HR issues, 79% of IT professionals rated themselves as being “excellent” or “good”, a slightly higher rating than their bosses (73%).

“Clearly IT employees feel they have something to offer that their bosses don’t and not hearing them out may be a missed opportunity for the business,” Jason Hayman, TEKsystems research manager, said.

The report found the ability to set clear goals and expectations is a trait not sufficiently exhibited in their bosses, who were mainly viewed as “cheerleaders who are more focused on maintaining a positive attitude and outlook at all times”.

Employees also desired their bosses to be mentors, challengers and problem solvers.

“An effective boss provides strong, actionable feedback that allows employees to grow professionally and thrive in the workplace, benefiting the company as well as the individual,” Hayman said.

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