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HR professionals, have you heard these excuses to quit?

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Have you ever had an up-and-coming young worker who is on the verge of getting a promotion telling you he or she is resigning to go on working holiday?

Many find it hard to understand why young people would leaving their jobs under such circumstances, but this excuse to quit actually sounds pretty sensible compared to those shared in a blog post by heawork.

HR professionals, have you ever heard colleagues say these are the reasons for them to move on?

Too much pressure
I am not able to report to work on time. There is too much pressure to have to log-in with the staff card.”

I need to go on holiday
The boss rejected my leave application, but I have already bought plane tickets and booked a hotel for my vacation.”

Your offer is my second choice
“You are actually my second choice, but since you approached with one first I decided to take it. But now I have an offer from my first choice, so I am going to take it.”

My mum says no
My mother does not like my job.”

This job makes me sick
I keep getting sick since I’ve taken up this job. I don’t think it is the right job for me.”

Bad location
The office is too far away from the MTR station.”

Bad Feng Shui
My Feng Shui master said the date of my birth is not a good match for the boss’s.”

To be fair, there are also bosses who reject candidate for the same reason.

Office life is not for me
I don’t want to sit in an office to work with computers all day.”

I need to leave early
The boss does not give me permission to leave early a couple of times a week to learn Japanese/ Korean.”

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