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Employees’ top engagement killers

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Getting staff engaged continues to remain one of HR’s top challenges, but latest reports suggest companies are still not undertaking the right tactics to motivate them.

The TINYpulse 2015 Employee Engagement & Organisational Culture Report pointed out that culture, not money is the most important factor to keep staff inspired.

The report collected more than 400,000 anonymous responses from  over 500 organisations worldwide.

It revealed the value of peers and culture continues to reign supreme, while lack of professional growth opportunities and on-the-job appreciation continue to be engagement killers.

The number one thing that employees love about their workplace is their peers and colleagues.

When respondents were asked to list all of the things they love about their job, one out of every two pointed to their peers and colleagues.

Coming in at number two was the nature of the work itself, with 35% of respondents pointing this out as something that really gets them going and makes them feel worthwhile.

However, despite having a clear sense of what makes them engaged at work, most employees are not getting the motivators they want.

Only one in four employees note strong opportunities for professional growth and less than one in three employees feels strongly their managers appreciate their work.

Over 70% of  employees don’t see themselves meeting their full potential with nearly a quarter complaining that they are forced to run around putting out fires instead of being truly focused.

With so much dissatisfaction at work, nearly one in four employees (23%) said they would leave their workplace if offered a 10% raise elsewhere.

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With so much at stake, the report suggested managers should not underestimate the value of recognising team members for a job well done to try and boost appreciation levels.

They should proactively poll employees to take stock of what’s motivating them and what’s bringing them down and be willing to invest in internal or external professional growth opportunities to keep the team’s skill set booming.

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