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Oracle Yazad Dalal

How Oracle is helping to modernise HR

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The trend of moving towards a cloud-based environment is accelerating. Within 10 years, no one will be using data centres anymore. In order to align with the business, HR must modernise and transform by embracing the continuous development and transformation of technology.

Thanks to cloud technology, upgrading to new HR solutions doesn’t have to come with an impossible price tag anymore. In the past, introducing a new system required companies to invest in the infrastructure to support it. With the cloud, the infrastructure is already there.

“The cloud democratises technology,” says Yazad Dalal, senior director of HCM transformation at Oracle ASEAN.

“It allows companies with vastly different budgets to make use of the exact same technology at a scale appropriate for them.”

Oracle’s role is to help companies get to the cloud when they decide they want to. Since all of the company’s solutions are built from the ground-up and based on one single platform, it offers its clients the unique possibility to run hybrid environments with legacy and modern products operating side by side.

The company sees this flexibility as a differentiator.

“Because we are disrupting our own business by constantly adding new, and improving our own solutions, we will go to great lengths to help our customers modernise,” Dalal says.

For Oracle, modernisation is vital as clients’ expectations have gone up exponentially in response to the needs of their employees. People expect things to work and don’t want to travel back in time when they go into the office.

For HR practitioners, it’s no longer enough to merely respond to employees’ technological needs and wants once they arrive.

“There needs to be a change of mindset. HR is a proactive role, not a responsive one,” says Patrick Lo, managing director of Oracle Hong Kong.

“By focusing on predicting what talent will need, you can become a strategic weapon for the company.”

Dalal adds: “If your systems are outdated, eventually the company will experience pain as it risks losing people and business. So define where it is you want to go, and convince your leadership of the need to move in that direction.”

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