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How NWS rewards its employees

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NWS emphases a lot on team spirit and collaboration as team work is crucial to the group’s development, as well as building an enjoyable workplace. As a result, “NWS as One” is one of the deeply rooted values which influences employees’ everyday work and boosts productivity.

To maintain a high level of rapport among employees, team building and various training sessions are organised regularly for employees to work closely with other colleagues. Understanding that personal interaction among staff is equally important, corporate events such as corporate outings are arranged for staff to network with each other; departmental gatherings are also subsidised to incentivise regular personal catch-ups with teammates.

As a caring and family-friendly employer, NWS strives to provide all-round care to employees for their wellbeing so as to win employees’ heart and minds. Besides competitive remuneration packages, NWS also offers exceptional fringe benefits, such as medical coverage to its employees and extends that welfare to their families.

Meanwhile, to cultivate an innovative and creative work culture, employee satisfaction surveys and executive director luncheons are important channels for bilateral communication between employees and senior management to collect opinions and suggestions.

Every year, the remuneration committee at NWS reviews and compares salary and benefi ts standards with market benchmarks to ensure the company’s remuneration packages remain competitive.

Besides offering competitive remuneration packages and exceptional fringe benefits, there is a performance-based bonus related directly to individual working job performances to ensure staff are rewarded appropriately.

Employee share option plan is offered to senior management to enhance their sense of belonging to the company. Voluntary contributions to pension schemes is also in place, which is better than the statutory pension scheme of Hong Kong, helping to provide better retirement protection to employees.

NWS believes open recognition is equally important to remuneration packages, which can also foster employee pride.

Therefore, outstanding employee grand awards and best team awards have been established to reward and recognise high performers and teams. The awards are presented at our grand ceremony, the NWS awards presentation ceremony, where the awardees can celebrate their accomplishments and achievements in front of families and colleagues.

NWS cares about employees’ needs and opinions. With effective communication channels, employees can voice their suggestions freely, and in the meantime, the company will collect their opinions and conduct careful investigations to ensure every suggestion is fairly treated and respected.

While NWS is making every endeavour to satisfy employees’ needs, management’s full support is essential to enable effective and efficient implementation of the policies. The implementation of HR initiatives requires a high investment of capital and human resources. Therefore, the policy has to be sustainable and effective.

Being a listed company, NWS has to carefully monitor the results and feedback of each and every initiative to maintain a high return of investment for justifying the investment in human capital.

It can be achieved by maintaining thorough communication with staff and conducting periodic evaluations of the initiatives, which are crucial continuous improvement.

The effort from NWS has paid off with the company winning a silver award for Excellence in Compensation & Benefi ts and Employer of the Year at the HR Innovation Awards 2017 organised by Human Resources.

Entering the awards was a big encouragement for NWS in recognition of its efforts in boosting employee wellbeing and implementing HR strategies.

Moreover, it is a well-built platform for NWS to know more about the market’s practices regarding HR strategies and the latest HR trends, which motivates the company’s HR team to continue to enhance its employee care strategies.

With the recognition from HKIA, NWS will strive to sustain its spirit and momentum to develop best-in-class HR strategies and to grow with staff to create a prosperous and sustainable future.

The article was brought to you by NWS.

HR Masterclass Series: We're going virtual! New courses, new formats!
Review the 2020 masterclasses here »

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