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How Hongkongers cope with the V-Day flower movement

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Some call it Valentine’s Day capitalisation, and everyone knows the flowers will end up in the landfill a week later.  But Hongkongers will not be deterred from blowing thousands of dollars to have flowers delivered to the offices of their girlfriends and wives. Because this is what people do on Valentine’s Day.

How many bouquets of flowers you received, as well as the size and estimated value will be the talking points of the office throughout the day.

Here are the 10 types of Valentine’s Day office goers according to heawork tummblr.

1. The show-off
Female colleagues who ordered their boyfriend/husband to send flowers to their offices first thing in the morning.

2. The obsessive selfie taker
The female colleague who can’t seem to stop taking selfies with their bouquet throughout the working day.

3. The desperate one
Female colleagues who send themselves flowers. This is not an urban myth, several florists in Hong Kong have confirmed that it is true.

4. The allergic one
Colleagues who cannot stop (pretending) to sneeze when they see flowers.

5. The broke one
The male colleague who went bankrupt spending on over-priced flower and will be eating a cheap home-made lunch at his desk for a month.

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6. The loner
Male colleagues who volunteer to do overtime work today.

7. The mood killer
The single boss who forces everybody to stay late today.

8. The clingy girlfriend
The female colleague who insists her boyfriend/husband picks her up after work today. Reason: The bouquet of flowers is so huge she could not possibly carry it home on her own.

9. The geeks
The gang of male colleagues with plans to play video games all night after work.

10. Everybody
Let’s be honest, today everyone in the office is suddenly interested in flower-related gossip. Anything to distract them from doing work for the day.

Are you and your workmates having a good time discussing flower issues? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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